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Happy Heart,
Beautiful Body.


Emotional Well-Being for Women

Made with 100% natural extracts. This will help you recover from cramps and muscle pain, remove toxins, and give you all-day energy. Spirare supports women in various challenges of their life such as weight loss, stress, periods and changes in emotions.


Our Collection's

Self Care Collection

Consists of Pure natural extracts of Skin & Acne and Slim & Hope.

Moon Time Collection

Consists of PMS & Health, PCOS & Relief and Periods & Body.

Fine Feather Collection

Consists of Heart & Relax, Clarity & Mind and Stress & Sleep.

Natural support from morning to night

Our teas are made to support an active lifestyle balance for women. Start your day with a smooth awakening, recharge with positive herbal tea, and you are ready to overcome any challenge.

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