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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, and you don't find answers here, please contact us directly at

  • What is the shelf life of your tea?
    If kept in a cool, dry place (like a cupboard) our tea will last 24 months from the date of packaging. We blend tea every month, so you are always guaranteed fresh tea! We also put an expiration date sticker on each product.
  • Can Spirare teas be consumed cold?
    Yes, Spirare teas are delicious cold/iced!  You will still receive the health benefits whether the tea is consumed hot or cold. For a delicious cup of iced tea, we recommend the cold brew method.
  • Can I drink more than one tea in a day?
    Yes, of course! Spirare teas work synergistically with each other. Drinking more than one type of tea a day will not negate the other but rather increase its benefits!
  • Are Spirare teas safe during pregnancy and/or breastfeeding?
    Yes. We blended our teas to be safe to consume while pregnant and/or breastfeeding*. *Disclaimer: We are not doctors and cannot provide medical advice so please always ask your doctor before consuming our teas. 
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