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Stress & Sleep - the Ultimate Calming Tea Solution


Introducing Stress & Sleep - the ultimate calming tea solution for stress relief! Perfect for taking a few moments to re-center and relax. We’ve blended the perfect combination of natural herbs guaranteed to help soothe your end-of-day worries and get your body ready for sound sleep. Trust us; it won't take long before you're sipping your way to serenity.


Sip Your Way to Serenity With Our Natural Tea Blend


Stress & Sleep is not just a regular cup of tea – each sip packs special ingredients that are proven to help fight stress and its effects on your mind and body. The calming powers of green tea, peppermint, and lavender work together to create a unique herbal blend that reduces stress, clears up mental clutter, and promotes healthy sleep patterns. Our special formula also helps alleviate minor headaches, alleviates PMS symptoms, and releases tension in both the mind and body while allowing you to relax peacefully until morning.


Plus, our mild formula is deliciously pleasant to sip on - no sugar or artificial flavors required. Whether you’re striving for better sleep or need an effective way to manage everyday anxiety and stressors, Stress & Sleep can provide a gentle yet potent solution.


Get Ready for Sound Sleep With Our Herbal Tea


It only takes one cup of our Stress & Sleep tea to start feeling more peaceful, relaxed, and rejuvenated! So don’t let stress build up - combat it with our special elixir today! With its light flavor, you'll soon be addicted to the comforting relief this blend provides every night. Stress & Sleep – sip away stress tonight!

Stress & Sleep

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